Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Extensive range of reptile and amphibian starter kits for all the popular species. If you can’t find one for the species you are looking for, drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do to tailor one for you.

Our starter kits are so good others often try to imitate them, not very well though we might add…

What makes our starter kits stand head and shoulders above the rest is that while there may be some mediocre kits out there, we are always striving to do the best that we can so always stay one step ahead. How this translates to our starter kits is that when new products become available, if they supersede something already in our kit, we change our kit to make full use of the most up to date products and technology. If we learn a new way of doing something that simplifies what we are already doing or does the same job but better or cheaper then again we change our kits to reflect this. Our starter kits are there to put animal welfare at the forefront and to make sure first time keepers start off on the right tack to have a long and enjoyable time keeping reptiles and amphibians.

Our kits are designed and put together by a collaborative effort of our staff, together drawing on over 60 years cumulative experience in keeping and breeding thousands of reptiles and amphibians, not to mention holding multiple degrees in zoology and animal management qualifications. You will not find kits designed and put together with this level of experience and expertise anywhere else.

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