Aspen bedding is made from shredded wood from the Aspen tree. It is nontoxic, lightweight and absorbent. It is a particularly popular substrate for use with Snakes as it allows them to burrow in it. Aspen bedding is dust extracted and the shredded wood is considerably softer than wood chippings. 10L of Aspen Bedding is enough to provide an even layer 1in (2cm) deep in a 36in x 18in (90 x 45cm) enclosure.

Global Geckos Exclusive Substrates:

Here at Global Geckos we have cut out the middlemen when it comes to substrates, by tracking down the company that produce a wide range of substrates for many of the Brand names we have them packaging exactly the same product for us but without the fancy packaging that adds to the cost.

Global Geckos substrates – Less packaging, lower price, same great product

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Aspen Bedding Bale (13.6kg)

  • £33.99

  • Ex Tax: £28.33

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