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Tropical Grey Woodlice

Tropical Grey Woodlice
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Tropical Grey Woodlice (Porcellionides pruinosus) are soil isopods that are reasonably larger than the other woodlouse species we have available measuring approximately 10mm. An excellent soft-bodied, fast-moving prey for many reptile species. They are quite prolific. Very similar in appearance to the European striped woodlice (Philoscia muscorum), they make an excellent vivarium janitor.  They will reproduce in the tank, add them once and don’t worry about it again, unless you have particularly ravenous occupants!  tropical grey woodlice are larger than Springtails and also the other tropical woodlice species growing up to 10mm in total length, and not only provide a good food source, but are high in calcium for your animals as well. They will thrive in tropical style vivariums making great custodians eating mould and waste products also they will turn the substrate over which will aerate it. They can be used in planted set ups and will not destroy the plants.
Standard Tub contains 20 to 30 Adult Woodlice

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