Habistat Complete Chameleon Starter Kit - Large (STORE COLLECT ONLY) 

This Chameleon Kit is the Deluxe display option.  Put together by our in store team, there is no other kit like this on the market. Our kit only uses cutting edge equipment rather than cutting corners on equipment like most ‘bargain kits’. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that it’s not good value - try finding another kit that takes a substantial sum off the RRP!

This kit has been compiled by professional Zoologists with animal welfare as the primary consideration.

Not only does it cater for the well-being of your chameleon, it is in an attractive, aesthetically pleasing kit that will look perfect in any home. This size enclosure is ideal for an adult chameleon.

We want to make sure that when you buy with us you not only get great value & customer service, but most importantly products that will work and ensure your new reptile has all the best quality.

This kit is suitable for an adult Panther chameleon or Yemen chameleon.

About the Kit - What you get:


Exo Terra Glass Terrarium - 24 x 18 x 36in



Arcadia Pro T5 24W 12%


Arcadia 14cm clamp lamp

Arcadia solar flood basking bulb

HabiStat high range dimming thermostat

Digital thermometer


Orchid bark chips – fine grade x2

Cork branch – large x2

Liana branch x1

Jungle vine x1

Silk artificial plant – large x3

*We always encourage adding live plants to your setup. This will make your new reptile feel at home and as close to natural as possible. Add a bioactive upgrade here, or go to our live plants category to explore the wide variety of plants we sell to better the lives of your reptile – not to mention, they look great!



Arcadia Earth Pro A 100g

Arcadia Earth Pro Mg 80g

Arcadia Earth Pro Revitalise D3 100g

Komodo pump spray mister 1.5L

Plug in timer



1.         Arcadia Jungle dawn LED bar 34W 

2.         BioActive Vivarium Plant Bundle XL 

3.        Automatic Misting System – Mistking / Habistat Rainmaker Pro / Habistat Rainmaker 

4.         Habistat Day/Night dimming thermostat *SWITCH TO* - 

5.         Drinking Fountain Upgrade 

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Chameleon Complete Starter Kit Exo Terra - L

  • Brand: Global Geckos
  • Product Code: GGSKCETL
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  • £675.00

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