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Bioactive Vivarium Kit (Extra Large)

Bioactive Vivarium Kit (Extra Large)
Bioactive Vivarium Kit (Extra Large)
Brand: Global Geckos
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Keep hearing about Bio Active enclosures and vivariums? Looking to create a living ecosystem for your much loved pets? Not sure where to start or what you will need? Well look no further as our bioactive vivarium kits contain everything you need to take a standard glass terrarium and turn it into a miniature living ecosystem. All the essentials are in there along with a handy “How To” guide for setting up your enclosure and the 4 different sizes of bio active vivarium kit mean that selecting a kit suitable for the size enclosure you have couldn’t be easier. Looking to get stunning luscious plant growth, don’t forget to select the lighting booster which contains top of the range plant lighting to give that extra zing to your enclosure.

The 4 kit sizes we offer are:

Small – Suitable for enclosures 30 x 30cm at the base up to 60cm high (ideal for smaller day geckos, small tree frogs, anolis, or juvenile crested geckos etc) * Saving £9.00 off RRP

Large – suitable for enclosures 45 x 45cm or 45 x 60cm at the base and up to 60cm high (this one is tailored for CRESTED GECKOS, gargoyle geckos, day geckos, smaller chameleon species or any small to medium sized tropical reptiles and amphibians *Saving £17 off RRP

Low – Suitable for enclosures 60 x 45 or 90 x 45 at the base up to 45cm high (this kit has been put together specifically for terrestrial dart frogs or other small terrestrial species of reptile and amphibian) * Saving £18 off RRP

XL – Suitable for enclosures 90 x 45 at the base and a minimum of 70cm high (This kit has been put together to cater for arboreal enclosures for species like panther chameleons, larger anoles or day geckos or cone headed iguanas etc). Please remember if using this kit in a mesh enclosure you will first need to line the base of the enclosure with an appropriate material to hold the substrate. * Saving £20 off RRP

Kit Contents Extra Large:

10L Lucky reptile Hydro drain – Drainage layer for the base of the enclosure

Lucky reptile hydro fleece – Separator fleece for between the substrate and drainage layer

10L Arcadia Earth Mix – Specially formulated reptile safe soil, perfect for growing live plants

Habistat Coir Brick - Perfect for adding volume and water retention properties to your soil

2 packs tropical woodlice (White, Grey or Orange), 1 bulk pack springtails, 1 pack earthworms – this miniature clean-up crew (often referred to as custodians, or simply CUC) are there to help turn the soil over and break down waste organic matter

Live plant selection including 2 extra large, 2 medium and 1 small plant perfect to get your eco system going

Instructions on how to set up your bio active vivarium

You will still need to provide décor like branches, logs waterbowl etc to truly complete your set up and these can be found elsewhere in our store.

Don’t forget to truly boost that plant growth you will want to select the lighting upgrade which includes a 13w Arcadia Jungle dawn and small exo terra canopy to fit it over your terrarium to maximise that plant growth. Saving £14 off RRP

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