UVB Lighting

UVB Lighting

UVB lighting is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of reptile keeping, how much? what type, how long? Are just some of the regular questions when it comes to providing reptiles with UVB lighting. We have provided considerable information about each of the UVB lighting products on the site as well as a list of potential species each lighting option is suitable for. All our reptile UVB lighting products are for sale at cheap discount prices ensuring you get the best deal on all the reptile UVB lighting products used by professional zoologists.


There are many manufacturers of UVB products but the preferred brand of professional zoologist Will Thomas (MRes Natural Sciences, BSc Zoology with Marine Zoology) is Arcadia. After 11 years using this brand he has had no complaints or issues and therefore believes strongly in the use of their products. Will Thomas (MRes, BSc) is not in any way associated, affiliated or paid to endorse Arcadia lighting products and alternative UVB products are available from many other manufacturers.

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