Wax worms (Galleria mellonella) are caterpillars (larvae of the wax moth), they are a fantastic treat for any reptile or amphibian. They are readily accepted by almost all reptiles and amphibians due to their high palatability and their high fat content makes them a great treat for growing young and egg laying adults. They will keep for up to a month if placed somewhere cold.

Approximate Nutritional values: Dry Mass percentage 34.1% (following values given as a percentage of the dry mass) Crude Protein 42.4%, Fat Percentage 46.4%, Energy per Gram Dry Wight 7.06 Kcal/g

Unbalanced Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio 1:6




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Wax Worms

(Galleria mellonella)





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Wax Worms

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