Livefood Subscription

Livefood Subscription

Our Live food subscription service is simple to use and takes the hassle out of getting to the shops each week to get fresh bugs.





How it Works?

STEP 1: Simply select the subscription button for how many tubs of live food you want to be delivered.

STEP 2: Use the contact form on the website to tell us which tubs of live food you would like, e.g if you select a subscription for 3 tubs weekly simply let us know that you would like each order, so for instance that might be 2 x 5th hoppers + 1 x Standard brown crickets each week.

*Please note the subscription service only applies to live food tubs priced at £2.20 per tub, should you wish to get a regular subscription containing other live food or products please contact us in store so that we can accommodate this for you.

STEP 3: Sit back, Relax, and we’ll sort everything else out for you ensuring that you get the selection of bugs you want, when you want, with no hassle.


Standard postage boxes (1-4 tubs) 

Number of Tubs




Larger orders (over 4 tubs), royal mail parcel service, requires someone to be in to recieve the parcel, standard shape livefood tubs

Number of Tubs




When will my bugs be delivered to me?

Your subscription will be processed within 24hrs of completion, and will be be packed & dispatched every Tuesday via 1st class Royal Mail postal service. Your livefood order will then arrive the following same day each week (Wednesday). If you would like your livefood to arrive on a specific day each week please specify this at the time of specifying the tub selection you require and we will accommodate this.

What if I want to change my selection?

If you want to change your selected tubs of live food just drop us a message using the contact form and we can accommodate these changes we require a minimum of 2 working days tp change a subscription selection.

What if I want to change the number of tubs or cancel my subscription?

Our subscriptions are processed by PayPal so just go onto your PayPal account or internet banking and cancel or amend the subscription from there.

Which livefood can I include in the subscription?

  • Crickets in a £2.20 tub, all sizes from hatchling through to large,
  • Locusts in a £2.20 tub, all sizes from hatchling to adult
  • Mealworms and mini mealworms in a £2.20 tub
  • Morio Worms in a standard £2.20 tub
  • Wax Worms in a standard £2.20 tub

For any other questions or queries just contact us for more information.


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