Neoregelias produce lots of intensely coloured leaves and form a round, decorative, medium-sized rosette, making it suitable for small to medium enclosures. While blooming the colours in the centre of the plant become even more intense.

Neoregelia ‘Sunball’ are a type of epiphytic Bromeliad that grow all over Central and South America. They are most commonly seen growing on trees, rock outcroppings, building roofs, and fence posts. Different, unique, and a great addition to your enclosure.

This plant has moderate to high light needs - under more intense light, Neoregelia ‘Sunball’ will display brighter colours.

Neoregelia holds a decent amount of water, making it ideal for tadpole rearing. The plant has moderate water needs, and should not have standing water on its leaves. Water in the cup of the bromeliad should be flushed at least once a week

These plants do appreciate air circulation, but it is not necessary and the plant is allowed to dry out slightly between watering.

Neoregelias are an epiphyte in nature, and can grow attached to the background or hardscape in a naturalistic vivarium, or be planted in very well draining substrate. It should be planted on the background on in the back area of a vivarium.

Neoregelia ‘Sunball’ is a slow grower, and will form clumps consisting of the mother plant surrounded by pups, or younger plants that grow off of the mother plant.

 *Photo is representation of cultivar, not exact plant.*

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Neoregelia Sunball

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