Mountain horned dragons are native to Vietnam and China, A.capra  is one of the larger species of horned dragon. They are arboreal in nature and prefer cooler temperatures, many Acanthosaura species feed on earthworms in the wild but we have found these captive bred youngsters will feed on a wide variety of livefoods. With regular handling they become very tame and are a great first pet lizard for those capable of catering to their specific environmental requirements. The name 'horned dragon' refers to their small spines above the eyes.

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Acanthosaura capra
DOB: CB2021
SEX Unknown
ADULT SIZE 10-12in (25-30cm)
DIET Insects,
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 18in x 18in x 36in (45cm x 45cm x 90cm)
LIFE-SPAN 5-8 years

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Mountain Horned Dragon

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