Morio Worms (Zoophobas morio), also sometimes called giant or king mealworms are a larger cousin of the mealworm with many similarities. They have a high nutritional content, a long shelf life (if kept cool) and a high fat content perfect for putting a bit of extra weight onto young animals or egg laying adults. Their larger size makes them perfect for medium and large lizard species; they are particularly relished by adult bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks.

Approximate Nutritional Values: Dry Mass Percentage 40.9%, (following values as a percentage of dry mass) Crude Protein Percentage 45%, Fat Percentage 55%, Energy per gram dry weight 7.08 Kcal/g

Unbalanced calcium to phosphorus ratio 1:4




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Morio Worms

(Zoophobas morio)





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Morio Worms (40g)

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