Introducing EVO Connected... 

Taking all the great features of the Evo range and then adding even more industry firsts. To further enhance the environmental control of your collection.

Monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the Evo connected mobile application or the web dashboard (wifi connection required to thermostat).

An all-new capacitive touch display unit, sensors on every channel, cloud connectivity, ramp times, and seasons mode are amongst a few of the new features you will find on the new connected range of Evo thermostats.

Each channel has its own IP-rated sensor which can be used to monitor the temperature even if the channel is being used to control lighting.​  This is perfect for monitoring the cool end of the main probe is in the basking area.  This allows data logging across the full temperature gradient of the enclosure.

Keep all the cables out of sight with the main control box housing all of the connections with just a single cable to the all-new display.

Mounting solution built directly into the all-new capacitive touch display and into the main control box.

Product overview:

·        Three Channel Cloud connected thermostat

·        Two Dimming or Pulse selectable channels

·        One On Off Channel

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Microclimate EVO Connected 3

  • £169.99

  • Ex Tax: £141.66

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