Agalychnis dacnicolor, the Mexican tree frog, is a species of frog in the family Phyllomedusidae. They are endemic to Mexico.

These frogs are rare in the UK, and require intermediate care levels. Unlike other frogs, they need a basking spot. They are similar in care to Waxy Monkey Frogs. The Mexican Tree frogs natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, intermittent rivers, intermittent freshwater marshes, water storage areas, and ponds.

Their diet consists mainly of insects, and they are nocturnal, spending the day in sheltered burrows or under stones or logs.

Fully grown they can get up to 4inches in length, Females are typically an inch larger than males.

Their dorsal colour is typically green with scattered white or gold flecks. The underbelly is white with legs and digits of orange. They are capable of changing colour from green to brown dependent on their external environmental factors. This species has enlarged toes with black and gold eyes. 



Animal Information
LATIN NAME Agalychnis dacnicolor
DOB: CB2020
SEX Unsexed
DIET Insects
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 24x18x24in (60x45x60cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 10+ years

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Mexican Giant Tree Frogs

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