Displays / Talks / Seminars

Displays / Talks / Seminars


Here at Global Geckos we are dedicated to education and changing misconceptions and erroneous information, both within the reptile keeping hobby and the wider community. Because of this we have given numerous presentations and talks to share our knowledge with schools and institutions on a variety of topics. Talks are generally given by Global Geckos owner and manager Will Thomas (MRes, Bsc).

Reptile Husbandry: Virginia Water Veterinary Clinic 

This talk was aimed at promoting responsible reptile keeping and banished many myths about housing, nutrition, the effective use of heating and lighting as well as many other healthcare topics. The talk was designed to stop potential health issues before they arise by changing reptile keeper’s husbandry methods. The feedback from this talk was immense with many seasoned keepers impressed at learning how to improve their husbandry methods. Not to mention the information that was passed onto the veterinary clinic to aid in their advice to reptile owners.

Introduction to Reptiles and Amphibians: Charters School, Ascot, Berkshire

This introductory level talk was pitched to a KS3 Science club (along with a number of teachers that decided to sit in). The topics covered examined form and function in the herpetological world along with highlighting important aspects of ecology and conservation. Again, the talk was very well received with a number of the students previously afraid of reptiles (snakes in particular) deciding to touch/hold them during the highly involving and interactive presentation.

Environment and Conservation day: Bishopsgate School, Englefield Green, Surrey

For Eco day at Bishopsgate School several talks were given focussing on conservation issues using reptiles and amphibians as examples and models for conservation efforts. The talks centred around conservation in Madagascar highlighting important conservation issues such as deforestation, mining, illegal trade as well as cultural issues such as ‘Fady’ (Madagascan folklore). Talks from Will Thomas, Global Geckos Owner/Manager have become an annual event at Bishopsgate School following the success of the first talk given here back in 2008.

Practical Application of UVB Lighting: Surrey Reptile and Amphibian Society (SRAS)

The information regarding UVB lighting can often be confusing and simply taking the information from the back of a lightbulb packet often isn’t good enough to know how best to utilise it. This informative talk was based upon practical hands on usage of many of the most popular lighting solutions along with independently collected data on UVI readings. This was definitely one for seasoned keepers and delved into the gritty dilemma of its not always what you use but how you use it.

History of herpetoculture – Smalley Lecture: LVS Ascot

A nostalgic and sometimes tongue in cheek look back over the last 150 years of keeping and breeding reptiles in captivity. Covering everything from heating terrariums by gas lamp in the 1800s, the widespread no holds barred import-export of the 1950’s through to the tightly regulated and technologically mind-blowing era of present day. Equally popular with hard-line enthusiasts and the general non reptile keeping public.

Reproduction, Revenue and Reptiles – British Herpetological Symposium, Drayton Manor Zoo

Flying the flag for responsible and ethical captive breeding of reptiles. This seminar was presented at the annual British herpetological symposium and was a blow by blow rundown of what it means to be a commercial reptile breeding enterprise. Everything from cultivation, housing and rearing methods through to sustainability, traceability and ethical considerations. This seminar was very well received by all those in attendance and can be viewed in video format from the day. The same talk was then presented to Bangor University Herpetological Society a few months later.

Other Talks and Seminars:

Other talks and seminars have also been given to numerous scout groups, youth clubs, community projects and other schools including Sunningdale School, Cranbourne school, St Joseph’s Catholic school, St Marys School, Woodcote house school,  Bangor University (both within the herpetology society and for cross departmental research seminar series) and many more. In 2015 we also ran a hands on display at Hampshire Kids Festival.


Children’s parties:

Although we have previously offered children’s parties and displays this is no longer something that we are able to offer.  Due to workload and time critical elements in other areas we are no longer able to offer talk’s or seminars at weekends.


Booking a Talk:

Whilst we do not charge a fee for giving a talk we do ask that a charitable donation is made to our chosen charity of choice which is Harper Asprey Wildlife rescue. Please use the contact form to make an enquirey.

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