Exo Terra Dripper Plant

Exo Terra Dripper Plant
Exo Terra Dripper Plant Exo Terra Dripper Plant
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The Exo Terra Plant Dripper hydration system is perfect for use with arboreal reptiles, especially chameleons, which do not recognise a standing water source. Easy to set up and install. Included in this kit 1) Realistic plant 2) Connecting tube 3) Pump

Here's what the manufacturer says about their product:

  • Provides droplets as recognizable source of drinking water
  • Stimulates natural drinking behavior
  • Ideal for arboreal reptiles like e.g. Chameleons
  • Realistic succulent and waxy leaves
  • Pump included!


  1. Place pump inside a water reservoir, like an Exo Terra Water Dish Large or X-Large (A).
  2. Attach water-tube to Dripper Plant (B).
  3. Position Dripper Plant above water reservoir to prevent spilling (D).
  4. Attach water-tube with connector to pump (B).
  5. Dry hands, then connect plug to power source.
  6. Adjust dripping speed by turning valve (C).


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