Terra Viv 24in

Terra Viv 24in
Terra Viv 24in Terra Viv 24in Terra Viv 24in Terra Viv 24in Terra Viv 24in Terra Viv 24in
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Terra vivs are our own range of exclusive vivariums designed and refined by Global Geckos reptile shop to cater for the needs of terrestrial reptile keepers. These vivariums were designed specifically with terrestrial lizard species such as leopard geckos, fat tailed geckos, viper geckos and knob tailed geckos as well as terrestrial snakes such as royal pythons, corn snakes, hognoses and house snakes.

Design Features:

·         Integrated glass base for easy installation of a heat mat

·         Thermostat probe grommet

·         Reduced height for terrestrial species (easier to heat)

·         Cable groves and quick lock lid for easy installation of UV tubes

·         Fully sealed base

·         Increased viewing area

·         Offset vents for maximum air flow

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