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Coco Fibre Brick

Coco Fibre Brick
Brand: Monkfield Nutrition
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Coconut fibre is a fantastic choice substrate for many reptiles and amphibians that require high humidity. The shredded coconut husk comes packaged in a block the size of an average house brick but after adding 3-4 litres of water it will expand to produce 7-10l of substrate. Orchid bark is an ideal substrate choice for amphibians and many tropical geckos and is naturally sterile and very absorbent. It has a mild fresh earthy smell when re-hydrated and is excellent at absorbing and neutralising bad smells.

1 block is enough to provide an even layer 1 ½ -2 in (3-4cm) deep in a 18x18 (45x45cm) enclosure.


Global Geckos Exclusive Substrates:

Here at Global Geckos we have cut out the middlemen when it comes to substrates, by tracking down the company that produce a wide range of substrates for many of the Brand names we have them packaging exactly the same product for us but without the fancy packaging that adds to the cost.

 Global Geckos substrates – Less packaging, lower price, same great product

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