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Californian Mountain Kingsnake

Californian Mountain Kingsnake
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Lampropeltis zonata, or the California mountain kingsnake, is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake, which is endemic to North America. It is a coral snake mimic, having a similar pattern consisting of red, black, and yellow on its body, but the snake is completely harmless. Five subspecies are recognized in the U.S., including the nominotypical subspecies, with two subspecies recognized in Mexico.The beautiful colouration and relaxed nature of this king snake species makes it a popular choice as a pet. Active, inquisitive and hesitant to bite they appeal to both the novice and experienced keeper alike. 





Animal Information
LATIN NAME Lampropeltis zonata
DOB: CB2018
SEX Pair available
ADULT SIZE 2-4ft (60-120cm)
DIET Rodents
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 36x18x18in (90x45x45cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 15+ years

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