Wiegman's Striped Gecko (Pair)

Wiegman's Striped Gecko (Pair)
Wiegman's Striped Gecko (Pair)
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Wiegman's Striped Gecko (Gonatodes vittatus) is a small sexually dimorphic diurnal gecko species found on the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Coche, Curacao, LOs Frailes, Los Testigos, Margarita, Trinidad and Tobago and also in Colombia and Venezuela. They are incredibly sexually dimorphic with the males having a white dorsal stripe bordered with black with a yellowish brown body colour. The females are brown with grey, black and brown spots. They are an arboreal species found in humid to semi-arid habitats. Very seldom seen in captivity, these will make an excellent addition to any gecko enthusiasts collection.




Animal Information
LATIN NAME Gonatodes vittatus
DOB: CB2019
SEX Pair available (Only sold together)
ADULT SIZE 2.5-3in (8-10cm)
DIET Insects
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 12 x 12 x 18in (30 x 30 x 45cm)
LIFE-SPAN 5-10 years

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