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Ridge Tailed Monitor (Ackie)

Ridge Tailed Monitor (Ackie)
Ridge Tailed Monitor (Ackie)
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Yellow Ackies (also known as a ridge tailed monitor) are one of the smallest and most personable of all monitor lizard species and undoubtedly one of (if not the) most popular pet monitor lizard. They are native to northwest Australia where they can often be found sheltering in amongst rocks. They can grow to a length of approximately 2 feet but many adults are slightly smaller than this. Terrestrial by nature they are often referred to a being like a Komodo dragon in a smaller package. They require relatively high temperatures and a good amount of space as they are very active during the day. Primarily they feed on insects but occasional rodents can be fed as a treat, be careful to avoid obesity though as they are gluttons when it comes to food. These are definitely one of the top alternative starter species if you have the space and dedication to look after one properly.


Animal Information
LATIN NAME Varanus acanthurus brachyurus
DOB: CB2019
ADULT SIZE 18-24in (45-60cm)
DIET Insects and occasional rodents
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 28-30C (basking site at 40C+)
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 48 x 24 x 24in (120cm x 60cm x 60cm)
LIFE-SPAN 8-12 years

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