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Bearded Dragon Essentials Starter Kit 2 - Large

Bearded Dragon Essentials Starter Kit 2 - Large
Brand: Global Geckos
Product Code: GSKBD156
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Looking for a cost-effective bearded dragon enclosure that still caters for all the needs of your new pet?

This ‘Essentials kit’ may not be quite as high tech as our standard kit but this kit still meets all your heating housing and lighting requirements while being excellent value!

*Don’t forget to purchase suitable decor, substrate and supplements for your dragon.


  • 48in x 24in x 24in Monkfield Nutrition melamine vivarium, manufactured from 18mm thick melamine for increased strength and durability, very easy to assemble. The backing has cable grooves cut into it to allow for the heating and lighting cables to pass through). Unique offset ventilation holes, crucial to ensuring correct air circulation drawing cool fresh air in at one end of the enclosure as hot stale air is expelled at the other end of the vivarium. Toughened safety glass as standard. Cabinet stand available as separate option. There is also the MAXI version with even larger housing.


  • Komodo Ceramic bracket, screw fitting rated up to 200w with easy mounting bracket and heat resistant cable.
  • Arcadia 100w Basking Solar Flood basking bulb. These produce a high temperature bright white light source; a much preferred method for heating bearded dragons compared to a red bulb or ceramic which do not emit white light.
  • Komodo Heat resistant bulb guard that stops your dragon coming into contact with the basking bulb which may cause serious injury.
  • Habistat High Range Dimming Thermostat to accurately control your heat bulb throughout the day.


  • Arcadia 39w Pro T5 UVB Kit. This self-ballasted UVB unit is simple to install and contains a 10% T5 high output UVB bulb along with built in reflector. The low profile of this lighting unit means it is completely hidden by the top plinth of the enclosure making it seamless in its integration.

Other Essentials included:

  • Lucky reptile digital thermometer with two probes to check your temperatures within your dragons enclosure.
  • Arcadia analogue timer switch to control your day and night cycles.
  • Diagram and instructions on how to set up your new bearded dragon enclosure and a comprehensive global geckos care sheet.


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