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Madagascan Tree Boa
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Madagascan Tree Boa

Madagascan Tree Boa
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Madagascan Tree Boas are a threatened species native to the island of Madagascar. Adults grow to an average of 6 foot (180cm). They are arboreal and nocturnal by nature, they live in trees feeding on birds and small mammals. They are threatened in their native habitat due to deforestation and habitat destruction. They are protected due to their status as threatened and export of them from the wild is completely illegal. Boas are unusual in snakes as they have live young rather than laying eggs, Sanzinia can have up to 12 live babies!


Animal Information
LATIN NAME Sanzinia madagascariensis
DOB: CB2010
SEX Male
ADULT SIZE 4 to 7ft (120 to 200cm)
DIET Rodents
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 48x24x24in (120x60x60) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 15+ years

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