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Indonesian Frilled Dragon

Indonesian Frilled Dragon
Indonesian Frilled Dragon
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The Frilled Dragon is the only species in its genus, it is instantly recognisable over all other agamids due to its large neck frill that it extends out around its head as a threat display in order to make itself look larger to predators. There are Australian and Indonesian Frilled Dragons, they are classified as the same species, but are different in appearance. Indonesians are smaller with a more patterned body, whereas Australians are large and solid red/brown when adult. There next to no Australian Frilled Dragons in captivity as the export of animals out of Australia has been banned for many years now; our animals for sale are indonesian animals that were born in captivity and are not wild caught or captive farmed. Frilled Dragons grow to around 50cm maximum, the males are larger than the females. They are arboreal and active so need tall large vivariums. They are communal and can live in groups but males will fight. They are almost completely insectivorous. They can become very tame and are a great alternative as a more unusual beginner lizard if their adult size is considered. 

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Chlamydosaurus kingii
DOB: CB2019
SEX Unknown
ADULT SIZE 18 to 24inches (45 to 60cm)
DIET Insects
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 28-30C (basking site at 33-35C)
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 48in x 24in x 48in
LIFE-SPAN 10+ years

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