Surinam Horned Frog

Surinam Horned Frog
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Horned frogs (Ceratophrys spp) are native to Central and South America. Opportunistic feeders that are often considered to be a mouth on legs they are able to eat prey almost the same size as themselves. Inhabiting temperate rainforest they thrive in high humidity. Often remaining motionless for days at a time they are true ambush predators. Due to inactivity care must be take not to overfeed these frogs in captivity. A rarer alternative to the Ornate Horned Frog, the care is very similar however Surinams require slightly cooler temps and reach an even larger size. The Surinam horned frog (Ceratophrys cornuta), also known as Amazonian horned frog, is a bulky frog measuring up to 20 centimetres (7.9 in) found in the northern part of South America. It has an exceptionally wide mouth, and has horn-like projections above its eyes. Females lay up to 1,000 eggs at a time, and wrap them around aquatic plants. The frog eats other frogs, lizards, and mice. Tadpoles of the Surinam horned frog attack each other (and tadpoles from other species) soon after being hatched.


Animal Information
LATIN NAME Ceratophrys cornuta
DOB: CB2019
SEX Unknown
ADULT SIZE 6-10in (15-25cm)
DIET Insects, rodents
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 36x18x18in (90x45x45cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 10+ years

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