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Tarantula - Orange Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus)

Tarantula -  Orange Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus)
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Pterinochilus murinus is known as "OBT," which means "orange baboon tarantula" or "orange bitey thing" and also as the "pterror," a pun on its Latin genus classification: Pterinochilus. These nicknames reference a particular orange colour form that is prized in the hobby for its beauty and confrontational personality. It is also known as the Mombasa golden starburst tarantula.
This species is incredibly defensive and, as with most old world tarantulas, should not be held. The bite of this species, while not serious, is extremely painful. Moreover, the species is more than willing to inflict such a bite before presenting the typical threat display. Caution when dealing with this species is advised.
Animal Information
LATIN NAME Pterinochilus murinus
DOB: CB2019
SEX Unknown
ADULT SIZE 4 to 7in
DIET Insects
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 18 x 12 x 12 (45 x 30 x 30cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 20+ years - Female 3-7 years - Male

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