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Bumble Bee Walking Toad (CB)

Bumble Bee Walking Toad (CB)
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Bumble Bee Toads are amazing little black and yellow toads with red feet and rumps. They have an ambling gait, as opposed to the traditional hopping or jumping of most frogs or toads. Adult bumble bee toads are not very large, and they are sexually dimorphic in size. An adult male may reach about 2.5cm. A large female can grow to 4 cm in size. These toads tolerate a broad temperature range. The ideal range seems to be 21-27 °C (70-80 ° F). Occasional temperatures into the low 30s °C (low 90s °F), or down to about 7 °C (mid-forties Fahrenheit) are not harmful for short periods however the toads are not very active at these times. Optimum humidity is 60-80% the as they are less active and hide when it gets much higher or lower. 

These toads tend to do best in a naturalistic planted set up with a drainage layer to prevent the substrate becoming too damp or stagnant. A shallow small to medium size water dish should be provided. Live plants particularly Pothos (Devil’s Ivy, Epipremnum aureum)  improve the terrarium’s looks, and the toads seem to enjoy climbing up the plants. The toads are not very skilled climbers but still enjoy the challenge. Keep in mind when setting up the habitat that, although they are very adaptable, they are reported to be from a savanna-type area where they are said to have grasses and small shrubs rather than bromeliads and similar plants.
Bumble Bee Walking Toads tend to be very enthusiastic eaters and eat a lot of food for their size - more than a similar sized small frog would eat. The best options are small livefood items such as micro crickets, fruit flies, woodlice, springtails, bean weevils, and almost any other harmless insect of a similar minute size. 
In the past these animals came in as wild caught adults from their native Paraguay and surrounding countries, but our animals are all true captive bred individuals (an excellent feat, and very seldom done in captivity). These are incredibly interesting and characterful little amphibians and make a great addition to any collection. 
Animal Information
LATIN NAME Melanophryniscus stelzneri
DOB: CB2016
SEX Unsexed
DIET Insects (small)
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 18x18x12in (45x45x30cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 10 years

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