Banded Uromastyx

Banded Uromastyx
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The Banded Uromastyx is still somewhat of a rare member of the Uromastyx group in captivity. But like all Uromastyx Species they are great characterful vegetarian lizards.They are vegatarian by nature and require very high temperatures to thrive. Low ambient humidity is also required to prevent skin and respiratory problems. Adult males are predominantly dark grey to black with white, red or yellow bands, however white is most common. The bands usually extend across the entire back but on some individuals they may be broken making them appear marbled or even chessboard patterned. They are found in rocky, arid and desert habitats in North Africa, its range including parts of Algeria, Mali and Niger. They are a hardy species that are full of character and inquisative, they make a great alternative choice for a first pet lizard.

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Uromastyx flavofasciata
DOB: CB2016
SEX Unsexed
ADULT SIZE 15 to 20in (35 to 50cm)
DIET Leafy greens, Seeds
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 30-36C with a basking site 45C+
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 48in x 24in x 24in (120cm x 60cm x 60cm)
LIFE-SPAN 20+ years

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