Long Tailed Earless Dragon (Pair)

Long Tailed Earless Dragon (Pair)
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Earless dragons are a ground dwelling dragon inhabiting semi arid regions of Australia. Their care is almost identical to that of Bearded Dragons but scaled down due to their small size. They reach a total length of 150mm.  Adults have a reddish body color with light grey, black, and white lateral lines on the dorsal.  They can be kept communally in small groups in a desert vivarium with high temps and UV levels.  Females will lay year round have 6-8 eggs per clutch.  Not readily available.  They consume small insects and need a wide variety for long term captivity.

A very interesting lizard to watch. A species not seen in the hobby very often. 


Animal Information
LATIN NAME Tympanocryptis tetraporaphora
DOB: CB2018
SEX Pairs available
ADULT SIZE 10 to 15cm (4 to 6 inch)
DIET Insects
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 28-32C, with a basking site at 36-38C
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 48in x 18in x 18in (120cm x 45cm x 45cm)
LIFE-SPAN 8-10 years

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