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Diones Rat Snake - Albino

Diones Rat Snake - Albino
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Diones Rat snakes, also known as a Stepps Rat snake have one of the widest geographic distributions of any rat snake species being found from Afghanistan right the way across Asia as far as China. They are a small docile species that is ideally suited as being a beginner snake species. They have been selectively bred to produce a wide variety of colour morphs including both albino and melanistic but most of these colour morphs are still unavailable in the UK. They require relatively cool temperatures and their small size makes them ideal as a first pet snake.

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Elaphae dione
DOB: CB2018
SEX Both sexes available
ADULT SIZE 24-27in (60-70cm)
DIET Rodents
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 36 x 18 x 18 (90 x 45 x 45cm)
LIFE-SPAN 15+ years

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Diones Rat Snake - Albino
£100.00 £75.00
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