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Arcadia ShadeDweller 7% Pro T5 Kit 8w

Arcadia ShadeDweller 7% Pro T5 Kit 8w
Brand: Arcadia
Product Code: ARSD8W
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Price: £29.99
Ex Tax: £24.99
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The Arcadia Reptile ShadeDwellerProT5 Kit is a brand new UVB lighting kit. 
The Shade Dweller Pro T5 comes with a removable curved reflector that ensures a nice spread of light from the T5 bulb. The Shade Dweller Pro T5 arrives with the Arcadia Reptile 17% UV-A, 7% UV-B ShadeDweller™ 8watt lamp, switch, fittings kit, a single power cable and a free ‘link cable’ to allow you to run up to 10 kits from one power source.
This professional lighting kit can be easily fitted into a wooden vivarium with the fitting kit that is included, or, it can placed above the mesh of a glass vivarium such as an exo terra.
This kit is the perfect choice for Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos. It was designed specifically with those species in mind!
Perfect for enclosures 12”/30cm high or more.

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