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Japanese Grass Lizard

Japanese Grass Lizard
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Only discovered in 2004, T.smaragdinus has very quickly become the most popular Takydromus species in captivity. Semi arboreal in nature they enjoy clambering around on thin twigs and grasses. They are easy to care for and make for an attractive and active display species perfectly suited to ‘naturalistic terraria’. Females are bright green as adults while males retain a dark brown lateral stripe.

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Takydromus smaragdinus
DOB: CB2018
SEX Males and Females Available
ADULT SIZE 6-8in (15-20cm)
DIET Insects
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 28-30C (basking site at 32-34c)
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 24in x 18in x 18in
LIFE-SPAN 5-7 years

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