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Bioactive Custodian Bundle - Instant Clean Up Crew

Bioactive Custodian Bundle - Instant Clean Up Crew
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This custodian bundle contains a mixture of worms, woodlice and springtails to immediatly kick start your bioactive vivarium or act as an instant clean up crew in any existing bioactive vivaria. 
All the invertebrate janitors included are easy to cultivate detritivores that will help to break down and recycle nutrients by consuming any waste organic matter within your bioactive system. They are designed for use in rainforest and temperate bioactive vivariums, or terrariums. They are not suitable for drier setups as the custodians require a higher humidity environment. They can be used in planted set ups and will not destroy the plants.
This bundle contains: 1 bulk tub of Springtails, 1 tub of Earthworms and 2 tubs of Tropical Woodlice* 
*Woodlice species offered will depend upon availability. Possible species include: Tropical White, Tropical/Cuban Grey or Giant Orange.

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