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Leopard Anole

Leopard Anole
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Leopard Anoles are a stunning relatively hardy diurnal lizard and make a fantastic display species, they are arboreal by nature so should be housed in a tall vivarium with high levels of UV and plenty of live plants with high humidity (60 to 80%). They need a background temperature of around 21 to 27C, a hotspot of 31C with a drop to 15 to 18 at night. Adult males are green shading to blue on the tail and yellow-green on the limbs. The head is deep blue-green, the neck and the orbital area are marbled with orange, the dewlap is orange-yellow with yellow scales. Anolis marmoratus marmoratus, which Lazell in 1962, noted as “the most beautiful anole he never saw.” It lives around Capesterre, at the southeast of Basse-terre, in the Lesser Antilles. Females are smaller and duller in color. The higher the level of UV these animals are given the brighter in colour they appear, the males also develop even brighter colours in the breeding season. 

*Photo shows an adult male, credit to Gregor Weidlich. Our animals are juveniles which have not developed their adult colouration. 

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Anolis marmoratus marmoratus
DOB: CB2018
SEX Unsexed
ADULT SIZE Males 24cm (10in), Females 16cm (6in)
DIET Insects
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS 21-27C with a basking site at 31C and night time drop to 19C
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 24 x 18 x 36in (60cm x 45cm x 90cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 7-10 years

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