Eastern Spiny Tailed Gecko

Eastern Spiny Tailed Gecko
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Eastern Spiny Tailed Geckos are native to Australia. Their small size and robust nature makes them relatively easy to care for. Like all Strophurus species they have the ability to squirt a sticky mucus from the base of their tail to deter predators, although this is rarely seen in captivity. Despite coming from an arid environment they will benefit from a light misting at least once per day as they will often prefer to drink water droplets rather than from a water bowl. These animals are quite rare in captivity and make a great addition to any gecko enthusiasts collection


Animal Information
LATIN NAME Strophurus williamsi
DOB: CB2017
SEX Unsexed
ADULT SIZE 3-3.5 in (10cm)
DIET Insects
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 12 x 12 x 18in (30 x 30 x 45cm)
LIFE-SPAN 7-10 years

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