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Dart Frog Enclosure Plant Bundle - Small

Dart Frog Enclosure Plant Bundle - Small
Brand: Global Geckos
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A selection of live plants chosen by ourselves for Dart Frog Vivariums. All of these plants are safe to use with the specified animals and includes a nice variety of species perfect for any live planted dart frog enclosure. Available in 2 different sizes; Small and Large. Can also be used in enclosures for other frog species; not just Darts!

This bundle includes: 
2 Medium Plant - such as Radiator plant (Pepperomia), Heartleaf Vine (Philodendron); Silk Pothos (Scindapsis); Pothos (Epipremnum); Angel Vine (Muehlenbeckia) etc

3 Small Plants - such as Bromeliads (Neoreglia or Cryptanthus), Goosefoot (Syngonium) etc

1 Moss - such as Sheet or Cushion Moss

Species included will vary depending upon availability. 

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