Western Hognose (Albino)

Western Hognose (Albino)
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These charming little snakes are native to the USA. Their name originates from their upturned nose which is used to burrow for food or shelter. When threatened the hognose can produce a loud hiss and form a cobra-like hood. If this bluff fails their next resort is to play dead. They are active, inquisitive and if handled regularly make excellent pets. It is worth noting that this species is rear-fanged and mildly venomous.

Animal Information
LATIN NAME Heterodon nasicus
DOB: CB2017
SEX Males and Females Available
ADULT SIZE 2-3.5ft (60-75cm)
DIET Rodents
ADULT ENCLOSURE SIZE 24x18x18in (60x45x45cm) minimum
LIFE-SPAN 15+ years

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