Neoregelia sp. 'Donger' - Cluster

Neoregelia sp. 'Donger' - Cluster
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Bromeliads make great small plants for many species but particularly dart frogs as many species naturally deposit their eggs in them and/or use them to raise their tadpoles due to the small pool of water stored in the centre of these plants. This particular variety, Neoregelia sp. 'Donger' is a hardy bromeliad that will grow attached to a cork bark background or branch; planted in the substrate; into a coco fiber wall or just about anywhere in a naturalistic terrarium. It is a slow growing species but if kept damp and watered/sprayed daily (a necessary requirement for many reptile or amphibians) it is very easy to maintain. It is naturally found in South American Rainforests where it grows attached to trees in canopy; as such it requires high levels of humidity and light. A perfect option for Dart Frog vivaria and one of the hardiest bromeliads available on the market. 

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