Chameleon Deluxe Display Starter Kit

Chameleon Deluxe Display Starter Kit
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The deluxe version is centred around a display enclosure but also includes twice the number of furnishings to the standard kit.

This kit has been compiled by professional Zoologists with animal welfare as the primary consideration. Not only does it cater for the wellbeing of your Panther/Yemen Chameleon, it is in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing kit that will look perfect in any home. This size enclosure is ideal for 1 adult Panther/Yemen chameleon they should always be housed individually rather than in pairs.

Purchased individually the RRP for this Panther/Yemen Chameleon kit would exceed £700 so you save over £150 by purchasing this Zoologist certified kit. This kit is the same as we use in store to breed and rear both Panther and Yemen chameleons so is a tried and tested method, the only addition that we have in store is a few live plants. In short our kit includes absolutely everything but the animal.


  • 30in x 18in x 36in Komodo Chameleon enclosure, this enclosure provides maximum ventilation along with a glass ‘sliding doors design’ front. It also has a number of other beneficial design features including the sealed glass base allowing up to 9 inches of substrate perfect for nesting or planting live plants directly into the enclosure.

Heat and Light:

  • 24w Arcadia D3 Flood Unit, this is a 12% T5 high output UVB bulb that is mounted in a reflector and comes with the starter motor, this provides high levels of UVB/UVA in a focused area, this is a revolutionary new product perfect for chameleons.
  • Zoo Med Mini combo Deep dome, double spotlight fitting, two leads and two switches means you can use a basking bulb and a night time heat source in the same unit.
  • Arcadia 100w solar basking floodlight, this is a fantastic spotlight to create a large basking area ideal for larger chameleons like panthers and yemens.
  • Komodo 100w Ceramic Heater, this bulb provides a gentle warmth and won’t disturb your chameleons sleep so can be used to keep temperatures comfortable for your chameleon overnight.
  • Microclimate Evo Thermostat – This state of the art dual channel thermostat has the capability to control both the daytime and the night time temperatures with exceptional precision.


  • 20L fine orchid bark, perfect for raising the humidity and provides a natural and aesthetically pleasing substrate.
  • 2 x 1m Cork branch – Natural branch from cork oak, great for your chameleon to climb on.
  • 2 x 1m Liana - Naturally twisted vine sustainably sourced vine from Indonesia, again great for your chameleon to climb on.
  • 2m Jungle vine, bendable vine to add extra climbing space and environmental enrichment.
  • 2 x  Large Silk Plant, provides hiding and climbing areas while improving the aesthetics
  • 2 x  large plastic plant, provides hiding and climbing areas while improving the aesthetics.

Other Essentials included:

  • Digital temperature and humidity gauge, enables you to monitor the temperature and humidity in your Panther/Yemen Chameleon enclosure.
  • Arcadia Earth Pro A – Calcium and multivitamin supplement without D3 so no risk of overdose but containing all natural carotenoids to enhance colouration and maintain optimum health.
  • 2L hobby pressure sprayer, to mist your chameleon enclosure with.

·        Diagram and instructions on how to set up your new Chameleon enclosure and a comprehensive global geckos care sheet.

At an Additional Cost we have the option to include the Starter MistKing System; by far the most innovative and reliable misting system on the market. Removes the need to spray the chameleon by hand multiple times per day. Makes chameleon keeping even easier. For more information on the MistKing system please read about them following the tab at the top of the page. 

At an additional cost we also offer the option of ‘Go-Bio’ our bioactive enclosure upgrade, this includes ‘Hydro drain and Hydro Fleece’ for the drainage layer, additional Arcadia ‘Earth pro’ plantation soil, coco fibre brick, springtails, earthworms, 2 species of tropical woodlice, £40 selection of live plants (hand selected by staff in store to ensure suitability), 13w Arcadia jungle dawn LED plant lighting and holder. Also included are additional instructions on how to set up your very own living ecosystem.

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