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Corn Snake Complete Kit

Corn Snake Complete Kit
Brand: Global Geckos
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This kit has been compiled by professional Zoologists with animal welfare as the primary consideration. Not only does it cater for the wellbeing of your Corn snake it is in an attractive, aesthetically pleasing kit that will look perfect in any home. 

Purchased individually the RRP for the small kit would exceed £380 so you save over £40 by purchasing these Zoologist certified kits.


  • 36inx18inx18in Viv – This Viv is a melamine wooden vivarium and manufactured by Monkfield.

Heating and Lighting:

  • Microclimate EVO lite Thermostat – this thermostat ensures perfect environmental control by turning the ceramic heat lamp up and down to maintain the temperature you set it to. An absolute must have piece of kit often overlooked in some of the cheaper alternative starter kits. Can upgrade to EVO thermostat for additional cost; arguably the best thermostat on the market. Differs from lite model as has 2 separate channels rather than just the one allowing you to control your lighting or another heat source. 
  • Komodo Ceramic bracket, screw fitting rated up to 200w with easy mounting bracket and heat resistant cable.
  • Bulb Guard to protect your snake from the heat source
  • 75w Infrared basking bulb. Can upgrade to ceramic heat source for slight additional cost. Ceramic heaters produce no light and are much more reliable and last longer than the red bulbs; so despite being slightly more costly at the beginning they do not need replacing quite as often. 
  • Arcadia UV Starter
  • 30inch UV Reflector
  • 30inch 5% UVB Arcadia Euro Range Bulb


  • 10l Lignocel substrate
  • 100cm Cork Branch
  • Exo-Terra Medium and Large Reptile cave, helps your snake feel secure
  • Exo-Terra Large water bowl – Natural rock effect
  • 3kg Cork Bark- A natural hiding place for your snake.
  • 2 Large Plastic Plant

Other Essentials included:

  • Plastic feeding tongs, ensures there are no accidents at feeding time
  • Exo-Terra Digital Thermometer enables you to gauge the temperature inside your snakes enclosure to ensure it is maintained at optimum temperature.
  • Diagram and instructions on how to set up your new snake enclosure

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