Chameleon Starter Kit 1 - Medium

Chameleon Starter Kit 1 - Medium
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This kit has been compiled by professional Zoologists with animal welfare as the primary consideration. Not only does it cater for the wellbeing of your chameleon, it is in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing kit that will look perfect in any home. This size enclosure is the minimum for 1 subadult Panther/Yemen chameleon or and adult carpet/flap neck/jackson’s chameleon they should always be housed individually rather than in pairs.

Purchased individually the RRP for this Panther/Yemen Chameleon kit would exceed £400 so you save over £50 by purchasing this Zoologist certified kit. This kit is the same as we use in store to breed and rear numerous species of chameleons so is a tried and tested method, the only addition that we have in store is a few live plants. In short our kit includes absolutely everything but the animal.


  • 18in x 18in x 36in Zoo Med Repti-breeze enclosure, this enclosure provides maximum ventilation as well as enabling your chameleon to climb all available surfaces maximizing the space available to them.

Heat and Light:

  • Arcadia 24w 12% Pro T5 UVB Kit - perfect UV source with high output for chameleons.
  • Arcadia 14cm Clamp Lamp, Ceramic Spotlight fitting with built in reflector to create a localised basking site.
  • Arcadia 75w Solar Basking Floodlight - To create a hotspot during the day for your chameleon to bask under. 
  • Habistat dimming thermostat 600w – provides accurate control over your basking site.


  • Pro Rep 10L fine orchid bark, perfect for raising the humidity and provides a natural and aesthetically pleasing substrate.
  • 1m Global Geckos cork branch – Natural branch from cork oak, great for your chameleon to climb on.
  • 1m Natural Liana – Sustainably sourced vine from Indonesia, again great for your chameleon to climb on.
  • 2m large diameter Jungle vine, bendable vine to add extra climbing space and environmental enrichment.
  • 2 x Large Silk Plant, provides hiding and climbing areas while improving the aesthetics
  • 2 x large plastic plants, provides hiding and climbing areas while improving the aesthetics.

Other Essentials included:

  • Digital temperature gauge with two probes so that you can measure the temperature at the basking site and the ambient background temperature.
  • Nutrobal calcium and multivitamin supplement, all in one calcium and vitamin balancer for dusting live food with (to be used once per week with chameleons)
  • Arcadia Earth Pro A, all natural calcium balancer with no added vitamin D3, (to be used daily).
  • 1.5L pressure sprayer, to mist your chameleon’s enclosure with.

Diagram and instructions on how to set up your new Chameleon enclosure and a comprehensive global geckos care sheet on your species of choice, please remember to request which species you would like a care sheet for in the notes section when you place your order.


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