Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot Bulb

Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot Bulb
Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot Bulb Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot Bulb Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot Bulb
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The Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot is an excellent option for generating a basking area for a wide range of reptile species. It does not produce UV (ultraviolet) light and so is intended to be used in conjunction with self ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting, which are available in the UVB lighting section of our website. We recommend the use of a thermostat with all heat sources used in a reptile vivarium. For a halogen basking lamp a dimming thermostat is most suitable. 


The Arcadia halogen basking lamp is an excellent eco-friendly option for providing your reptile with heat and light. They are incredibly energy efficient when compared to a standard tungsten lamp. Tungsten is not an efficient heat source as light and heat are emitted all around the globe of the lamp. Another problem with tungsten is that it relies on an incredibly fragile filament; as energy is passed through the filament it increases in temperature which in turn produces light. However every time the lamp is switched on or dimmed up and down the filament wears a little. Over a short amount of time this wear and tear builds up and the lamp fails. Halogen bulbs are much more energy efficient; typically a 50w Arcadia halogen heat-spot will do the same job as a 100w tungsten lamp!

The Arcadia basking spot has a built in metal reflector which angles the light and heat into a more concentrated area decreasing the amount of heat that escapes from the sides of a standard bulb and is therefore making as much use of all the energy produced as possible and simultaneously produces a more localised hot basking spot for your reptile. Due to the speed these bulbs heat up and the concentrated heat spot produced these lamps will be on for less time as the target temperature is reached quicker when used in conjunction with a dimming thermostat. To summarise the Arcadia halogen heatspot will save you money on running costs and lamp changes.  These lamps are intended to be used alongside a fluorescent UV producing lamp in order to provide your animal with all their necessary heat and light requirements. 

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