Beech Chips Fine Grade 10L

Beech Chips Fine Grade 10L
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Beech chippings are a popular substrate choice for larger snakes and tortoises. Our premium grade beech chip is dust extracted and uniform in size. Beech chip is easy to clean and will not compact like aspen so is popular with larger species. 10L of Beech Chip is enough to provide an even layer 1in (2cm) deep in a 36in x 18in (90 x 45cm) enclosure.

Suitable for many larger species of Snakes and Lizards that need a dry environment, including birds and mammals. 100% natural and kiln dried to remove any harmful organisms this is a safe and sustainable product. Directions: Spread the substrate evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 1-2" (2.5-5cm). Spot-clean daily by removing soiled or wet substrate and replacing it. Used Beech Chips should be disposed of and replaced every 2 weeks, or more often if heavily soiled. This substrate should only be used dry, and wet areas should be spot cleaned. If you are using an under-tank heat mat as your heat source do not use a thick layer of Beech Chips as this may cause the heat mat to overheat. Please refer to the heat mat manufacturers instructions for more information.

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