Exo Terra Worm Dish

Exo Terra Worm Dish
Exo Terra Worm Dish Exo Terra Worm Dish
Brand: Exo Terra
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A convienient way to feed mealworms to your reptile. This specially designed bowl prevents the esacpe of the mealworms into the vivarium.

Here's what the manufacturer says about their product:

Mealworms need to be contained when they're placed inside the terrarium. If not, they will quickly 'escape' by digging their way into the substrate. There they will remain hidden until they can metamorphose into an inedible beetle. More likely, they will simply die, their decomposing bodies creating a banquet of harmful bacteria. The Exo Terra Worm Dish prevents mealworms from escaping, while allowing them to remain visible to the terrarium inhabitants.

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