Crested Gecko Complete Kit

Crested Gecko Complete Kit
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This kit has been compiled by professional Zoologists with animal welfare as the primary consideration. Not only does it cater for the wellbeing of your crested gecko, it is in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing kit that will look perfect in any home. This size enclosure is ideal for 1-3 adult geckos. These are not your standard starter kit; we prefer the name complete kit. This set up will include everything to keep your animal happy for its entire life. Just add Gecko and livefood!


Purchased individually the RRP for this crested gecko kit would exceed £300 so you save over £70 by purchasing this Zoologist certified kit. Unlike many other ‘cheap online bargain kits’ our starter kit includes the essential UVB light often missed out in the cheaper alternatives, not to mention being larger and with all the décor and supplements required. In short our kit includes absolutely everything but the animal. 


  • 18in x 18in x 24in Exo Terra glass terrarium. These glass terrariums provide excellent viewing, and look stylish in any home. The mesh top and vent below the doors allow for excellent airflow while the sealed glass base means this enclosure will not be damaged by water or leak when sprayed. These enclosures also have a removable rock effect background included.

Heat and Light:

  • Arcadia ProT5 ShadeDweller Kit – 8w 7% UVB, great daylight source that provides the vital UVB for healthy bones and  UVA for psychological wellbeing.
  • Habistat High Power Heat Mat, ideal as a 24hr heat-source to raise the temperature in the enclosure to the preferred 22-26C
  • Habistat Mat-Stat 300w to control the temperature of the heat mat and make sure it remains at the specified temperature


  • 10 L Crestie Life substrate
  • Exo-Terra Small Water Dish
  • Habistat Feeding Bowl
  • Global Geckos cork bark – Natural bark from cork oak, great for adding hiding and climbing areas
  • 2m Komodo Jungle vine, bendable vine to add extra climbing space and environmental enrichment.
  • 3 x  medium plastic plants, these provide hiding and climbing areas while improving the aesthetics.

Other Essentials included:

  • Digital temperature gauge that enables you to monitor the temperature in your crested gecko enclosure at two separate points simultaneously.
  • Nutrobal calcium and multivitamin supplement, all in one calcium and vitamin balancer for dusting live food with.
  • Repashy Crested Gecko Diet; artificial powdered diet that can be mixed with water or fruit as part of a balanced diet for your gecko.
  • 550ml Spray bottle, to mist your geckos enclosure with to raise the Humidity.


For an additional cost we can upgrade your enclosure to be fully bioactive, this can be selected from the drop down menu above. This upgrade includes: 

  • Live plants - You will receive an array of live plants all suited for crested geckos. The plants received will vary depending on current availability; but you will receive enough to make a nice forest for your animal! These replace the plastic/silk plants mentioned above. 
  • Plant lighting - An appropriate wattage Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bulb and fitting will be supplied. We have found these to be the most advanced on the market and give the best results for plant growth. This is included as well as the UV lighting that is essential for the animals wellbeing. 
  • Custodians - Earthworms, Woodlice, and Springtails are included to be added to your substrate to keep the substrate nice and clean and break down any waste produced such as dead crickets, leaves, plants or animal feces. 
  • Drainage layer - Hydroleca clay balls are added to the base of the enclosure with a fleece to separate this from the substrate. This provides an area where excess water can gather to prevent the substrate becoming stagnant. An essential for enclosure with plants that require regular watering.

If purchased and collected in store we can set up the enclosure for you; however if ordered for shipping this is not possible due to the weight of the finished enclosure and risk of damage. 

If you have any questions regarding setting up your enclosure or any of the products included in the kit please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Diagram and instructions on how to set up your new gecko enclosure and a comprehensive global geckos care sheet are included.

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