Tortoises / Turtles

Tortoises / Turtles

Turtles and Tortoises when grouped together are referred to as Chelonians. There are just under 300 species of chelonians and they occur throughout tropical and temperate climates. Many people are still under the belief that it is illegal to buy a tortoise in the UK, this is incorrect. For some of the most popular species including Hermann’s tortoises and Spur thigh tortoises you require an Article 10 certificate for each tortoise which essentially is proof that it was bred in captivity and not taken from the wild (which would be illegal).


 Because we are so committed to animal welfare we feel it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to list live animals as if they were just another product. We ask that you contact the store on 01276423137 so that we can ensure animals are being sent to a suitable home. You can still purchase animals over the phone or via Paypal, we simply prefer the sale of live animals to be a little bit more sensitive than the internet allows.




We are able to use Walkers Euro Transport (fully insured and Defra registered animal courier) to ship animals anywhere in the UK and to some European destinations. Consignments are collected from us every Wednesday and arrive to you within 24hrs on the next day (Thursday). The charge for this service is £45 per consignment (max 15 animals) anywhere within England and Wales, the cost is £55 for anywhere in Scotland and some selected European destinations.

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Hermanns Tortoise
Hermans tortoises are one of the 3 species referred to as ‘common garden species’ that in ye..
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Indian Star Tortoise
Indian Star tortoises are one of the most attractive and highly sought after of all tortoise spec..
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Spur Thigh Tortoise
Spur thigh tortoises are one of the three species referred to as 'common garden species'. In year..
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