T5 High Output UV Tubes

T5 High Output UV Tubes

UV flow tubes are the most common and popular means of providing pet reptiles and amphibians with their required levels of UVB. UVB flow tubes come in a variety of different lengths and UVB output levels, the higher the number the greater the amount of UVB produced by the bulb. All UVB sources should be correctly mounted above your reptile, either to the roof of the enclosure or in the case of mesh topped enclosures above the mesh, inappropriate mounting (such as on the back of the enclosure where the UVB bulb can shine sideways into the reptiles eyes) can lead to photosensative conjunctivitus. If you are mounting the bulb above mesh do consider that the mesh will stop some of the UVB penetrating into the enclosure so we suggest using a slightly higher level UVB bulb than if it was being mounted below the mesh, e.g. for a chameleon you may use a 5%UVB bulb inside an enclosure but if mounted on top of mesh it would be a good idea to use a 10%UVB bulb. UVB flow tubes degrade over time and should be replaced either every 9 months in the case of the Euro range or every 10-12 months in the case of the core range.

What makes T5 Different?

T5 High output flow tubes emit the same percentage UVB as normal tubes but the distance that the UVB travels from the bulb is doubled (UVB is absorbed in air meaning the amount of UVB reaching your reptile decreases the further they are from the bulb). So a reptile 40cm away from a 6% T5 UVB bulb would receive the same amount of UVB as a reptile just 20cm from a standard 6% UVB flow tube. T5 bulbs are also much brighter in their visual light output so are great for sun loving species.



There are many manufacturers of UVB products but the preferred brand of professional zoologist Will Thomas (MRes Natural Sciences, BSc Zoology with Marine Zoology) is Arcadia. After 11 years using this brand he has had no complaints or issues and therefore believes strongly in the use of their products. Will Thomas (MRes, BSc) is not in any way associated, affiliated or paid to endorse Arcadia lighting products and alternative UVB products are available from many other manufacturers.

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