There is a huge variety of different reptile heating solutions available from heat-mats and spotlights to ceramic bulbs reptile radiators and AHS units. Our professional opinion as qualified zoologists is that all heat sources should be used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat and associated fixtures and fittings. Check the related products section to see associated fixtures fittings and thermostats.

Controlling the environment for your reptile in terms of temperature and humidity is vital to their wellbeing. through the use of thermometers and hygrometers we can measure these variables, but only through the use of thermostats and humidifiers can we ultimately control them. There is a wide variety of environmental control equipment on the market so we have included a breakdown of the recommended use for each of the products

All of our heating and humidity products are for sale at cheap discount prices ensuring you get the best deal on all the products recommended by professional zoologists

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