Our wide selection of wooden vivariums manufactured by Monkfield Nutrition are some of the most durable and long lasting melamine vivariums on the market.

These Monkfield Nutrition melamine vivariums are manufactured from 18mm thick melamine for increased strength and durability (almost all other brands of vivarium are only made from 15mm melamine so are more prone to the melamine warping over time).

Supplied flat packed for shipping these vivariums are easy to assemble, requiring nothing more than a hammer and an Alan Key (enclosed). The backing has cable grooves cut into it to allow for the heating and lighting cables to pass through).

These vivarium’s also have unique offset ventilation holes, crucial to ensuring correct air circulation drawing cool fresh air in at one end of the enclosure as hot stale air is expelled at the other end of the vivarium.

Toughened safety glass doors are included as standard with handles on the glass doors (again something missing from other brands of vivarium). These vivariums also include side runners for the glass doors ensuring a more secure enclosure when the glass doors are closed.

These durable vivarium’s are also great for stacking as the high strength of each individual unit means multiple vivariums can be stacked without warping or compressing the lower levels.

As with everything we sell these vivariums are recommended by professional zoologists!

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