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Holiday Boarding Service

The Global Geckos Holiday boarding service is here to allow exotic pet owners to leave their animal/animals in the care of qualified professionals while they holiday stress free. Rather than paying a set amount per head it is conducted in a manner more similar to booking a holiday for your animal/animals. Prices are based on accommodation and services provided whilst in the care of Global Geckos. Quite simply you book an enclosure for a set period of time and then pay the individual feeding costs on top of the enclosure ‘hire’. In an attempt not to make the system too complicated there are a list of prices and some worked examples on the booking form to show how the costs work. This service is very popular so please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment as we only have limited spaces at any given time. A booking fee in advance applies; this is the cost of the enclosure allocated for the specified dates. At present the largest enclosure size for holiday boarding we can offer is a 48in x 18in x 18in. Invertebrates are to be bought to us in suitable accommodation for the duration of their stay but all other animals will be housed using equipment and enclosures already on site.


The Service we provide:

  1. All animals are housed in separate enclosures unless they normally live together, we do not mix boarding animals with one another nor with our own stock.
  2. Animals are all housed in appropriate sized enclosures for their species and number (as defined by our normal codes of practice (e.g adult bearded dragons are always housed in 4ft enclosures).
  3. Prior to occupancy all enclosures have been thoroughly disinfected with veterinary disinfectant and in the case of reptile enclosures will have been fumigated with Callington mite treatment spray.
  4. Fresh substrate is always used and in durations over 4 weeks (or if badly soiled) will be changed at no extra cost. Substrate type can be designated by the owner or if not specified our recommended substrate for the species in question will be used. However please note we will not use calci-sand under any circumstances.
  5. Appropriate furnishings will be provided including branches, plants, moss boxes, water-bowls and hides etc all of which will have previously been disinfected with veterinary disinfectant and Callington.
  6. Animals will be provided with fresh water daily and appropriate food when required, this is dependent upon species, size/age and in accordance with any specific dietary preferences or requirements. Specifics of feeding regimes’ can be discussed with staff dependent upon the individual animal/animals.
  7. Animals will be subject to daily health inspection.
  8. All vivariums are fitted with UV lighting (bulbs under 6 months old and of appropriate strength for species in question).
  9. All vivariums (where required dependent upon species and housing style) are fitted with thermostatically regulated heat sources fitted with guards.
  10. Animals are housed in designated holiday enclosures not in the main shop.

Prices start from just £1.00 per day up to a maximum of £4.00 per day. Please Telephone the shop on 01276 423137 for further information.

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